wood floor design with custom marble inlay

NWFA - National Wood Flooring Association event

Apache Hardwood Flooring is a boutique wood flooring company. The lead man, Johnathan Bell, has a passion for wood as a building material and more than 27 years of experience installing and finishing wood floors. The compass design in this picture is marble imported from Florida to Tennessee, and installed by Johnathan in a wood floor in Smyrna. He is no ordinary wood floor installer- he has a long list of NWFA skills and certifications, and was also formerly certified as a wood floor inspector for the NWFA.

wood floor install

Apache Hardwood Flooring was created in 2018 to service Denver Colorado, and the surrounding area. We source flooring materials, we provide demo and flooring removal, and we provide professional installation of your wood flooring.

damage removal and lace-in repair

Damage removal and repair, including technical "lace-in", is something we do very well. There are no stock photos on our site. All photos are from real jobs we have completed in the past.

technically skilled wood floor pattern, known as a Chevron pattern

Borders and technical designs are no problem (they do cost extra). This style is known as a "Chevron pattern".

clear coat finish shows off the natural beauty of the wood floor

We offer many different sanding and finishing options, including a "clear-coat" finish (very popular right now).

Johnathan Bell, the project manager at Apache Hardwood Flooring

Our award-winning project manager, John Bell, brings a level of knowledge and expertise to your project that is very difficult for other companies to match.

One conversation with Johnathan will convince you that Apache Hardwood is the right company for the job!

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